Traffic Gridlock – The Solution Part 1

The news last week was dominated by disgruntled commuters getting stressed out with the NottinghamTram works near the University of Nottingham and the congestion it has caused. The words ‘Stressed’ and ‘Congestion’ could be replaced by ‘Hysterical’ and ‘Gridlock’.

I think out of all the news reporting, I read only one upbeat comment, from a woman who, whilst I’ve never met her I’ve decided I want to marry!

Should I be sympathetic towards these commuting automatons? Well clearly not by the tone of that question!

According to my 1975 school dictionary, automatons are humans that act like machines and without intelligence.

According to me, there are thousands of these creatures travelling into the city via University Boulevard every day. All of them have their journey timed to the minute.  The slightest variation to this arrangment throws the whole thing out of kilter. 

‘What! I’m only at Dunkirk Flyover and it’s the 8.30 news! Oh no! I should be at Canning Circus by now! The day is ruined! The chap in the Nissan Qashqai will have taken my parking space and I’ll have to miss out on my ‘Cuppachino’.

Maybe I’m not being very sympathetic, but this is a typical example of commuter stress that takes place a million times over; admittedly not all on University Boulevard!

These are intelligent and productive people. People who work in the city but who choose the wrong way to access it. These are the people who will drive the school run (the one that they chose for their child and who now hates it), who will drive to their favourite supermarket in their lunch-hour (the one with the parent and child bays right outside and sells hot chickens), who will drive to the out of town gym (the one that was £5 per month cheaper and makes fruit smoothies), who will drive home, stopping for a last minute purchase at a shop (the expensive one but with a parking space directly outside), who will finally drive home to the village. You know the one. Just off the A52. The one where the Corner Shop and Post Office are now houses, with names like ‘The Old Post Office and ‘The Old Corner Shop’.

Crikey! My blood pressure’s gone up just writing this!

It’s easy for those of us living in NG1-5. Its even easier on Plains Road Mapperley. The city centre just a couple of miles away, everything on our doorstep. I say it’s easier, but it still needs a change in attitude, and, in most cases a change in routine. After all Plains Road owes its existence to the motor car. I wouldn’t want to contradict my first post on this blog.

I had intended to tell you my experiences as a kind of ‘Case Study’. Something positive to counteract the ‘gridlock groans’ of the last week. This ‘Case Study’ will have to wait until my next post. My day has just been ruined,describing the commute above. And that was just in my head!

Thanks for reading, especially to those parked in the outside lane of Queens Road Beeston!

Traffic at the roundabout where University Boulevard meets Queen's Road

Photo courtesy of Nottingham Post


3 thoughts on “Traffic Gridlock – The Solution Part 1

  1. Yesterday evening I was in a night club called ‘Roadworks’. There was a long queue at the main entrance and traffic cones everywhere. When I got inside I thought it was the biggest hole I’d ever been in.

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