A Walk on the Wild Side

The recent death of Peaches Geldof reminded me of the night that Lou Reed’s death was announced.  I found myself reflecting on my own history and considering my future. With the sadness that Reed’s passing had generated, I hoped to find a positive topic to distract me. I came across another local blogger in Steve Oliver, and hoped that his blog would be bring me out of this malaise. Instead, his articles did the opposite, almost ‘kicking a man while he was down’.

I found articles where he describes ‘lost causes’ and apathy. Much of this seemed to stem from trying to preserve things that were (or had been) under threat in Nottingham. The three things that he mentioned were an old cinema, a pub and a water clock.  Individually, the cinema building was the least visual of any building in the city centre, the pub was one of only a handful of bars that I have never stood at, and the water clock….. well I know where it is and I know that shoppers sit around it and with their backs to it!

Perhaps my view of Nottingham is different. Maybe I accept the subtle changes too readily. Maybe I am too forward looking. Maybe I ignore the past. My malaise was in danger of worsening and I needed to release myself from it. After all, Lou Reed ‘had a good innings’. Most of his heroin addict hedonists from 1960’s New York are long gone. He survived didn’t he? He probably has grandchildren. So what of Steve Oliver? All he needs is a cause that will burst into other people’s consciousness and that will be forward looking.

This rush of optimism that I forced myself to generate, even identified to me  ‘the cause’. This is it.

The people of Nottingham should have a right of way along the banks of the River Trent from Gunthorpe to Trent Bridge.

Not too much to ask bearing in mind that the walk as far as Colwick Industrial Estate is well trodden. Unfortunately the pleasure is ended here, by the diversion into the estate. The tranquility of the river is destroyed by the stream of HGV’s. The diversion may be less than a mile but the moment is gone!

This photo courtesy of French Disko will help you visualise the scene at Colwick

Colwick Nottingham

The companies that retain access rights to the river do not benefit from such.  Many would probably consider relocating.  Surely when the factories eventually go, not even Mr Oliver would shed a tear of nostalgia.

I’m hopeful that one day this will happen. When it does, I will name this riverside route………

The Walk on the Wild Side


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