Darwin. Boom.

from apathy to poetry

Roosting black in the flowerbed
Head turned eyes closed beak 
Nestled over scapula
Amongst the downy disorder
Of bipartite plumage
As though the feather-shined lower
Outgrew the downy upper
Unmoved by secuteurs’ snip
Soil clink of stone on trowel 
Or judicious watering nearfoot
Unwound blinking momentarily
Staring over the proffered glass 
Ashtray wormery worms wriggling 
I forget about strawberries
Head curling eyes closing beak
Back to the gloaming shoulder 

Slide patio door work-ready 
Look suited as you lie
Spreadeagled a foot from the spot
Sleeping in too early for sunbathing
In sprawling indignity 
Like a teenager somehow
Lying in or something 
Else knees in the air

Plastic bag get a grip
Body soft eyes closed head 
Lolling at the serendipidous bin day 
Dragged past dutch irises gravel
Planted down the lane down the side
Don’t pick them I said let them be
Petalled purple tongues xanthic stripes
Flowering thought of…

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