Railway Lines and Danger.

Railways and Danger


Railway lines are dangerous! Surely everyone knows that, don’t they?

In my memories of railways; excitement, adrenaline and danger were never far away.

All memories are stored randomly in our minds, until an external ‘trigger factor’ brings them back to life.

I had such a moment in West Bridgford Nottingham a couple of months ago.

I had decided to take my 91 year old father out for a drive and look around some of his old haunts. Things had been going really well. He was on good form, recognising places and pointing them out. I was pretending to understand all the names and places he was referring to! The fact the The Globe public house on London Road was named after a cinema, and the large brick pillar (on the city side of it) was the entrance to some kind of ‘old peoples home’. Don’t forget, I’m talking about the…

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