Traffic Gridlock – The Solution Part 1

Summer’s here so let’s abandon the cars!


The news last week was dominated by disgruntled commuters getting stressed out with the NottinghamTram works near the University of Nottingham and the congestion it has caused. The words ‘Stressed’ and ‘Congestion’ could be replaced by ‘Hysterical’ and ‘Gridlock’.

I think out of all the news reporting, I read only one upbeat comment, from a woman who, whilst I’ve never met her I’ve decided I want to marry!

Should I be sympathetic towards these commuting automatons? Well clearly not by the tone of that question!

According to my 1975 school dictionary, automatons are humans that act like machines and without intelligence.

According to me, there are thousands of these creatures travelling into the city via University Boulevard every day. All of them have their journey timed to the minute.  The slightest variation to this arrangment throws the whole thing out of kilter. 

‘What! I’m only at Dunkirk Flyover and…

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