A Dental Practice with a difference – Helping the ‘Fruit Shoot’ generation.

In our lifetime on average, we are registered at three or four dental practices. Rather than using purpose built premises, dentists tend to use converted residential properties on the busier roads around the city. Dental reception areas are uninspiring places that are quietly efficient, but lack personality. This can also apply to dentists themselves. Their end of examination hygiene advice is often spoken with the same lack of personality.
The Plains Dental Practice in Mapperley Nottingham is noticeably different. Not by the building but by the atmosphere and ethos. The reception is busier that most. It services the 7 surgeries in the building and has a friendlier feel to it. On the wall is a presentation that sends out a message.

Oral Health - Hidden Sugars

Oral Health – Hidden Sugars

The practice is one of several under the company Integrated Dental Holdings. The benefits of this are that the company ensures that surgery maintains high standards of hygiene and its staff benefit from up to date training and Continual Professional Development.
The practice manager Trish has only been in post for a few months. Being new to the industry she has been able to bring fresh ideas to the business. Her aspiration is that the practice should also be a community hub.
Trish was born and raised in Nottingham. Living locally and raising a family she feels that her background and experience can develop the practice into something more than the norm. Trish previously worked in Customer Service, then in compliance and auditing at Central College. She recently graduated from Nottingham Trent University with a Business Degree.
Trish is determined to use the practice in a wider context by working together in other aspects of beauty and health.
Last year the practice has launched a facial aesthetics service. Dr Ohla Heslop has joined the team. A qualified dentist with additional training in Aesthetic Medicine and Cosmetic surgery. Using the surgery ensures a safe and professional service in this much sought after area of cosmetic surgery. This is in conjunction with the other businesses in the area, such as The Urban Sanctuary on Westdale Lane.

The other innovation at Plains Dental Practice is promoting oral health. The presentation in reception send out the message ‘Think Before you Drink’.

Aimed at parents and children, this seeks to remind us of the hidden sugars in the drinks that we purchase for our families. Recent generations have not been brought up with a glass of water with their meal or a water fountain to rehydrate at school. They are the ‘Fruit Shoot’ generation and it is causing a serious problem with early tooth decay.

Not content with the dentists advising their patients twice a year and not content with merely a presentation in reception, Trish has arranged to take the message out to schools in the area.

Working with schools at Key Stage 2, the practice will be embarking on a series of presentations to children. Starting at Arnold View School in January 2015, the message will be Oral Health – Hidden Sugars – Healthy Alternatives.

Good luck to the team.

The Dental Surgery with a difference

The Dental Surgery with a difference


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