Transportation Press: Featuring the Nottingham Writers’ Studio



Nottingham Loves

by Bridie Squires

I rise to the sound of the City Ground chanting,
runs and Raleigh bike rides,
riverside gathering
festivals and hissing geese,
rowing blokes’ megaphones,
the prickling of summer heat.

I get to the bus stop,
funds a bit low, so
I tick a quid off the shop
until tomorroh.

I clock Notts bop by,
hear cars rockin’ beats
from the cracked window
that causes all the beef.

Old biddies titter about
tram works and price drops,
we pass the back of Broado and
‘Ooh! This is my stop!’

We swing
of the jungle bus,
say ‘Cheers!’ to the driver
because we are a humble bunch.

Outside Viccy Centre,
gotta cross the road,
red man signals us to stop
but we don’t do as we’re towd.

A mum tells her kid to ‘HARK IT!’
while eating cobs on Viccy Market.

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