Navarra Italian retailer and restaurant – Nottingham


Oakdale Road in Nottingham is a wide street that is an extension of Sneinton Dale. It rises with a purpose, as though it leads somewhere. A residential area with some fantastic properties that look out east over the Trent Valley. The road in fact comes to an end on a cliff top overlooking Carlton Station and the railway lines below. Various shops, a couple of pubs and a fine Italian restaurant are spread out along the road.
The area has been popular with generations of Italian migrants, although the only visible sign of this is Navarra shop/restaurant; or the occasional glimpse of Italian Ice Cream vans. The proprietor, Giacinto ‘Jack’ Navarra joined his father in England in 1965, when he was 19 years old. Born in Camporeale Sicily then moving to Rome as a ten year old. His father Pietro worked in construction; working on a new monastery on the…

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