“Miss Vick” – A Tale Of The Damage Caused By On-Court Coaching

An interesting observation of Sachia Vickery at the Aegon Nottingham Open. By Thursday on centre court she became a crowd favourite by beating the number two seed Dyas in three sets; this after being 5-0 down in the first.

The Tennis Obsessed


In a more personal, informal blog post, I recount my Nottingham experience of the Mother/Daughter duo of Paula and Sachia. It’s not pretty, and it heralds a few warnings. Read on…


I’ve never been called for a foot fault in my whole life!”

Monday at the Aegon Open, Nottingham. Early afternoon under cloudy, light grey skies. The call was the first thing I heard as I headed towards Court 4, and making my way past the string of occupied courtside chairs, my first thought was: Serena Williams.

The WTA Queen’s issue with that call is pretty infamous. Maybe it’s no coincidence that the girl who dreams of following in her footsteps seized the opportunity to play the part.

Yet as I viewed Sachia Vickery for the first time – hands on hips at the far baseline – a different name flashed into my mind: Sloane Stephens.


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