Turbine farmer nominated for award

When travelling towards Mapperley and the city from Dorket Head, you cannot fail to notice the signs attached to several trees along the roadside.  They mention WACAT and their protest against wind turbines on the green and pleasant countryside of Woodborough and Calverton. The objection to them is on the grounds of then being industrial.
Less noticeable than the signs of protest is a large wind turbine. Perhaps if there were many more, then the effect on the visual landscape would be more obvious. 
Personally I think wind turbines have something majestic about them. They are a visual symbol of our fragile energy supply.
There is also something ironic that until 20 years ago there were two collieries nearby at Calverton and Gedling. The closure of both have left a void in our self sufficiency when it comes to energy. They have also left two residential areas occupied by families with the same fuel needs as the mining families that preceded them.
An added irony is that the industrial scars that coal mining made on the local landscape is now less obvious. In fact it has brought about areas of parkland for the public to use that are far safer than the rights of way over the farmland that some of us are pretending to be so protective of.
Here is an interesting article about the farmer who dare choose to install a wind turbine.