Exploring the veggie options along the tram | Nottingham Post

Since my last feature, I am pleased to say that my vegetarian adventure is firmly ‘back on track’, literally. My recent feature in the Nottingham Post reflects this.

There is also some good news that The Plains Fish Bar in Mapperley now has Battered Halloumi Sticks on the menu. Judging by the 7.5k views on Facebook’s Mapperley People, it should prove to be a popular choice.

The Plains Fish Bar's latest offering

The Plains Fish Bar’s latest offering

Recently I used the extended tram route from Hucknall to Toton. To make it interesting I sought out a sample of places to eat along the way. I used social media in order to find them, so I apologise to those I may have missed.

From a vegetarian point of view, there was nothing in Hucknall that inspired me to visit. That said, I am fond of the town, having regularly visited to walk the civic trail that celebrates its history. No other town can lay claim to the jet engine, Lord Byron and the composer of the Dambusters march. The other downside to the Hucknall tram-stop is that it is on the edge of the town and is more of a park and ride for commuters rather than servicing the town centre. Toton on the other hand is without doubt a park and ride facility, surrounded by fields.


The view from Toton

Offering my apologies to Hucknall and Bulwell where again my research didn’t find me any vegetarian attraction, I continued on to Hyson Green, where the tram meanders through the town. Hyson Green has always been a ‘melting pot’ with many nationalities adding their flavours to the food outlets. On my list was the Boavista Portuguese café on Radford Road. Having seen the positive reviews I was looking forward to the opportunity to visit. Unfortunately it is closed on Tuesdays and I will have to wait to try their vegetarian lasagne, made with courgette, pumpkin, carrots and tomato sauce. Boavista is opposite the junction with Berridge Road so I took a walk away from the tram line and sought out The Screaming Carrot vegetarian bakery. Not an eatery as such, although they have a small seating area; nevertheless well worth a visit for the fresh bread, savouries and cakes.

Returning to the tram I had decided my evening meal would be at Café Roya in Beeston, so I sat back, seeing Lenton, The Queens Medical Centre, Dunkirk and the traffic queues from a different perspective.

High Pavement Nottingham (from the tram)

High Pavement Nottingham (from the tram)

Café Roya is a five minute walk from the Beeston tram stop. Less a café and more a high quality vegetarian restaurant that genuinely makes vegetarian food exciting. They have also created a great atmosphere in the building. The walls and floors have been stripped back, subtle lighting added and, to top it all for me David Bowie playing as background music.

The Persian noodle soup was richly flavoured and a substantial starter combining fresh herbs, spices, pulses and spinach. Topped with fried onions and turmeric mint oil. The main course of Spanish marrow stuffed with roasted pepper and tomato and vegan chorizo. Served on a bed of salad with various superfoods, it was as tasty as it was nutritious. It is worth mentioning that the chorizo had the flavour but not the oily taste that the meat version has.

Great stuff! I’m a happy chap again, all thanks to the tram.


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