Reasons Why You Need A Copywriter (And What We Actually Do)

Becky The Writer


As a freelance copywriter, I deal with three types of people. Type One is my favourite because they love copywriters; they want to sit on our laps and play with our hair because they know how important great copy is to any form of communication. Type Two thinks I work in copyright. Type Three knows what a copywriter does, but thinks they don’t need one. It’s time to clear things up.

Copywriting, right?

I write copy, which is any kind of text used in advertising. The hilarious packaging on Innocent smoothies? Written by a (genius) copywriter. The less exciting (but very clear and informative) text on a solicitor’s website? Copywriting again. We make sure that every word  is not only perfectly spelt and grammatically gorgeous; we make sure every word is a teeny tiny Times New Roman salesman.

It’s our job, guys


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