A Visit To The Local Cemetery

The creation of the cemetery from 1845 helps us to understand that the area up to then would have been almost rural. The Forest tavern where the boxer Bendigo trained would have been an isolated inn for travellers.

Nottingham Hidden History Team

by Jimmy Notts

A lot of people think that cemeteries are morbid and places which should be avoided. But actually, if you take the time to walk around and look at the individual graves you soon learn that cemeteries are both educational and interesting places. You can quickly learn about a City, Town or Village’s history just by spending a little time looking around your local cemetery.

Someone once said that:

“Going to a local cemetery can have many educational values. One main purpose of this to encourage an appreciation of the unique historical significance of that place. Nearly every community has an old cemetery of historic and educational value. A study of it can reveal much about the lives of people of the past. Once there you can enjoy the wonderful artwork and architecture of the mausoleums. A cemetery is a quiet place; much contemplation can take place there. One…

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