Pretty Windows: An account of an unsolved Nottingham murder from 1963


Ficticious tales of ‘cold cases’, unsolved crimes of yesteryear, are incredibly popular in TV and literature but – as the old cliche says – factual accounts are often a great deal stranger. There’s a sinister example from Nottingham’s past that I’ll describe here, and examine in further detail in the next post.

I travel by the tragic site of this mystery several times a week. The main building has been deserted and boarded-up for several years now, but the area round about is being redeveloped. It’s curious to recall this ominous incident amid the positivity of the redevelopment.

The summary below is drawn from the book Nottingham…The Sinister Side by Steve Jones, two articles on the BBC news website, a contemporary Nottingham Evening Post article, and – for geography, distances etc. – information from Google maps and Insight Mapping. I found that some details in the written accounts clash slightly…

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