Memories of the M1 Motorway.

The iconic photo of Superintendent Bert Jarvis with his story of the M1. Bert is believed to be still going strong in Australia.

As the M1 progressed North in 1965-66 Nottinghamshire Constabulary was given the responsibility of policing junction 24 at Lockington to junction 27 at Annesley. The traffic Chief Inspector Fred Corah decided to form a Motorway section and train them accordingly. Ten men were selected, 8 patrol drivers and two motorcyclists/relief drivers. They were, Roger Storey, Maurice Jackson, Harry Wilce, Bob Sheil, Roy Sentence, Wally Harper, Trevor Wootton, Tony Slater, with John Halliday and Dave Brown as the two motorcyclists. The patrol cars were Ford Zephyrs and the motor cycle was a Norton 750 Atlas. Their training included visiting Northamptonshire, Leicestershire and Lancashire to see how they did things. As soon as the stretch from junction 24 to junction 25 at Sandiacre opened, all 8 miles of it. Fred Corah made the officers patrol it 24 hours a day, with strict instructions that they were on no account to leave the motorway except for refeshments at Stapleford Police Station.The cars all operated from West Bridgford Garage under the supervision of the traffic Sergeants Fred Pepper and Geoff Goodwin with Lol Ogden as the traffic Inspector.

A former officer recalls “Patrolling that first eight miles was a bit soul destroying as the traffic was very light at first. However it soon started to build up and it wasn’t long before we had our first fatal. None of this first stretch was in Notts. The first part was in Leicestershire and the second part in Derbyshire with the result that we spent a fair amount of time in Loughborough and Long Eaton Magistrates Courts. Light relief was at the start of the 1966 World Cup when the first match was between Germany and Switzerland at Hillsborough in Sheffield. Hundreds of Swiss and German supporters came up the motorway which they thought went to Sheffield when to all extent and purposes it finished in a field outside Nottingham. We had some real fun and games trying to direct them to Sheffield. Eventually the motorway extended up to Nuthall and Trowell services station was built complete with the Police post. Finally Notts section up to Annesley was completed.”


6 thoughts on “Memories of the M1 Motorway.

  1. Yes I’m still going strong here in Australia. Slight mistake in the report, I was one of the motorcyclists in the original team with John Halliday, not Dave Brown, I think he was a dog handler. Happy days.
    Bert Jarvis

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